Common Problem Faced by Indian Cylinder Liner Exporters and its Solution

Common Problem Faced by Indian Cylinder Liner Exporters and its Solution
12.05.2014 11:52

India has always been into innovation to lead in manufacturing and other vital processes that paves the way for a robust economic development. Many of the manufacturers are now also operating as exporters because of their own R&D facility and stress on quality control measures so that their products can be at par with the international standards. Some are also turning for foreign collaboration on technical aspects and also with a mission to explore new markets apart from India. However, some exporters in spite of their best attempts are facing some persistent problems. Indian cylinder liner exporters are one among them. Some of the problems faced by Indian Cylinder Liner Exporters and their possible solutions are discussed below.

Rejection of cylinder liners

The main problem is that a large number of cylinder liners even after passing the strictest quality control measures, develops crack just beneath the collar area in the assembly section and thus face rejection. This greatly affects the business of Cylinder Liner Exporters and it is believed that the main cause of this crack appearance is the development of residual stresses beneath the liner collar during operation phase. One possible solution that has come into light by some Cylinder Liner Exporters is the introduction of a new operation named deep rolling.


Fluctuation in Indian currency

Any fluctuation in currency affects any export business of a nation and Indian Cylinder Liner Exporters are not exceptional. This affects their profitability and de-motivates them to perform better. Since, neighboring country China does not face any currency fluctuation and is not affected by the ups and downs of the US market, its offers a stiff competition to the Indian exporters. It is high time that these exporters should include a clause in their long term contracts regarding currency fluctuation as a measure to avoid problems in future.


Lack of awareness of international market

Another persistent problem by many Cylinder Liner Exporters who have their own manufacturing units limited to some regional areas of India is their lack of awareness about new foreign markets for their products. However, some of the Cylinder Liner Exporters have exhibited remarkable marketing intelligence and are successfully exporting their products in a large number of countries abroad like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Kenya, Zambi, etc. Jai Auto Industries based in Gujarat is one such among the leading Cylinder Liner Exporters of India.


Thus, although there are problems, feasible solutions are also there for these cylinder liner exporters.


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